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Re: Re: newbie questions

Originally posted by kinook [/B]
Tried the custom Form method as described in the linked thread. It's not intuitive, but the instruction is detailed enough to follow step by step. Much appreciated.

Taking a look at the list of needs mentioned in my original post, however,

1) I have to unhide other attributes if I want to see them, and coming back and forth is a bit cumbersome;

2) I can't click on the URL to launch it in the browser; and

3) when opening the document externally (in a browser), and you decide you want to see the source page, you have to come back to UR to click "Click here to open linked document". Wouldn't it be easier if one could just click on a link at the bottom to launch it without leaving the browser?
and it should be apparent that the 3rd need can't be satisfied by this method, and the second need is only partially helped. It would be much easier to be able to just click on a link to open the source url in a browser.

Anyway, thanks for the great trick. Please consider my request as a feature wish for future releases. Thanks.
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