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I deviate from the GTD recommended use of the calendar. I dislike Tasks/Next Action items in my calendar so with UR- I set a Due Date which I use as a search criteria for what appears in my Next Action list. I don't forget it and don't have to look at it until the right time.

I am also stuck with Outlook but mostly as a bridge to other program/devices.
Calendar- I use gCal sync with Outlook, sync to iPhone.

Email - I use gmail and sync to Outlook so I can link to UR.

Contacts- UR sync to Outlook for sync to iPhone. I need a better solution to sync contacts with google contacts. Export/import via cvs file has been bumpy...I can't seem to get attributes to field name mapping exactly to meet googles (perhaps changing) specs. Last I looked it wasn't documented and all I found were similar complaints. Any suggestions?

GTD Task/project management/reference all done in UR and setup similarly to the GTD sample that comes with UR.

Backup- SyncbackSE for versioning, automatic/manual backup and to sync with my notebook. I also use syncback with Jungledisk to backup offsite on Amazon's S3 servers.
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