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Calendar work

I follow a very strict GTD regime with my Calendar.

Nothing goes on my calendar unless it is something that will die unless I attend to it. This means meetings and critical time line items such as blocking out a chunk of time to deliver a critical document, or similar.

I do not sync URD to Outlook calendar or Outlook Contacts. Outlook does a great job with Calendars and contacts. I always look at the bests tools for the job rather than being a die hard fan of something.

I live in Outlook Calendar and sync that to my Google mail account (and ultimately my Google Phone) so I am never without my calendar.

I also keep all of my contacts in Outlook as well and sync them to Googlemail, I always have them on my Google phone. The contacts I made reference to in URD in my original post are just placeholder name tags for task assignments. If I want actual details of someone, I have them in Outlook or on my phone.
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