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Originally posted by Jon Polish
...But I don't see why this is a requirement. Entries made to a form are the same as entries made to an attribute in the panel, no? Since they are the same I don't understand why exposing an attribute in the pane make any difference.
Yeah, that was my question also.

It would appear that there is a dis-connect between the IA Pane and the Form, it's as if you need to "declare" the Attrribute before it'll be properly recognized on the Form - but only for String Attributes that will contain a leading zero.

Maybe this will be resolved in the next version. Not sure what to suggest to ease your clean-up project.

EDIT: from the earlier thread, by kinook
This behavior only occurs if the attribute did not already exist for an item, so you can avoid it by adding the attribute (with a blank value) to the item template.
It would seem that placing Attributes on a Form do not "bind" them to an Item (or the Template of the Item), but this only seems to be an issue with this particular situation.

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