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Import Web/HTML with embedded Flash/SWF

Running URP latest version and trying to import html with embedded SWF. Everything imports fine except the embedded swf files. These files are local on my drive and are not coming from the web. The files display perfectly in all my browsers locally, however, URP does not import the SWF file. I open the htlml within URP and browse to the temp folder where it expanded the files and no SWF. If I copy the swf file into the temp folder it shows, so I believe the HTML is sound.

Is there any way for HTML to make URP grab the swf file? I have .swf listed in Tools | Options | Browser | File Extensions.... and If I simply import the file in URP in does display separately. Just trying to get it to display embedded in the web page. I also do have Import (More) | Download Scripts checked.

Windows 7 Prof X64

div style="margin-bottom: 15px;">
			<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="filename.swf" height="525" width="700">
				<param name="movie" value="filename.swf">
				<span>Your browser does not support flash content.</span>
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