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I just took a look at the roadmap for the development of UR, which was last updated in 2010. I really don't see a lot of features there that are relevant to my use of UR, and those that I do care about are pretty low on the list.

For example, there seems to be a lot of demand in these forums for multi-db search, and I find that very confusing. To me it would be completely useless; multi-db search is something I would never use at all and really do not see how it belongs in this type of software. As a developer, I'm well aware of what a huge amount of development time would be required to implement something like that, in the existing app, especially considering that UR currently opens multiple databases in distinct instances of the application. To top it off, after all the painstaking work to add such a fringe feature, after release it would be sure to be met with tons of complaints from those users who expected it to work differently. In my opinion if a feature like multi-db search should be added at all, it should be a completely separate product that users could purchase in addition to UR.

I think a good strategy would be to get back to basics and add the features to UR that are currently found in competing products and could be relatively easily implemented in UR. I'm willing to bet the current roadmap is way out of touch with the actual desires of the average UR user, but perhaps it does represent the very vocal minority. There are many features of UR that blow away competing software, but there are also many very basic features that are lacking and should be prioritized way above current 'top of the roadmap' items.

Anyway, just my opinion. Each user of an outlining product is going to use it differently and many will have polar opposite desires for the future of the product. I just think the basics need to be hit first.
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