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Version 7.7a

Released on March 7, 2011

Action Enhancements
  • FTP action: Add option for unencrypted data transfer with FTPS (Security tab).

    Bug Fixes
  • Dr.Explain action: Correct order of command-line flags.
  • File processing actions: Extended-length paths (\\?\ prefix) not working properly.
  • GUI app: 1) Don't populate Watches pane by default to avoid problems with multiple evaluation of script expressions; 2) Log level setting off by one when set via Tools | Application Options | Logging; 3) Status could be updated in wrong steps pane; 4) No field override indicator for radio button properties; 5) Error could occur when dragging over bottom of macros pane.
  • HTTP action: 1) No newline character before boundary string; 2) Post form data feature not working.
  • Macros in step name not expanded when logged in Console app and log file.
  • Make VS2010 action: 1) Updating properties and versions not working for configuration names beginning with period; 2) Incrementing version of VC++ projects not working for some VC 2010 C++ project files; 3) Updating output directory not working for some VS 2010 C++ project files.
  • VMware vSphere/Workstation/Player actions: Server password field was not encrypted.
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