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Gray Screen when UR3 is busy

It seems that whenever I perform an action that requires time to perform in UR3, what looks like a giant gray dialog box takes over the entire screen while the operation is in process. The dialog has a Cancel and Help button, a Title indicating the operation in process and some small informational text on the operation.

I see this when importing and also when I select an object to view in UR. The import I can live with, but the selection dialog is really annoying. As I'm browsing through the tree, it seems that this dialog pops up whenever UR needs time to load a viewer (PDF, DOC etc.) or create temporary data. This leads to "screen flashing" while UR switches back and forth between the program and dialog windows.

Is this supposed to work like this? I'd much rather see this happening in the status bar with an option to cancel or view details there.


I'm running UR3.1 on XPSP2.
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