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Originally posted by xja
How about adding the suggested option to the Paste Special menu and to the right-button drag menu, perhaps calling it "Duplicate Single with Child Links" because that is what it is, right? Why not assign it to the Shift key... Doesn't the Shift key currently just do the same things as a drag without any modifier key? So, it is not really being used.

Speaking of the right button drag, it would be clearer if it said "Duplicate here" instead of "Copy here" and "Duplicate single" instead of "Copy single"... since these are really different Paste options. Or maybe it should read "Copy (duplicate)" or "Copy (duplicate single)"... either way, it would more clearly associate the action with the same action on the Paste Special menu.

On a somewhat related note, here's an obscure bug I found with the shortcut arrow on multilinked items. Try this:

- in Tasks, create child items A, B, and C.
- create 2 children of A and call them A1 and A2.
- link A1 to B (note that both A1 icons now properly show shortcut arrow)
- link A to C (note that both A icons now properly show shortcut arrow)
- shift-delete the item A that is a child of C... here's the bug: note that the shortcut arrows on both A1 items disappear, even though A1 is still linked to both A and B.
- now, delete (NOT shift-delete) the item A1 that is a child of B, then Undo. The shortcut arrows reappear on both A1 items now, as they should be.
There should be an option to "replicate" the exact structure that one wants to duplicate. It's like relative or absolute copying of formulas in Excel. One should have the option to do either. The more options the better.
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