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OK, what I was suggesting was that a duplicate copy of an item would have either "copies" of the original children, or "links" to the original children.

It sounds like what Richard is suggesting is that you have copies of children that are NOT linked to other items (eg, item 1) and links to children that ARE already linked (multilinked) to other items (eg, item 2).

While I can see why you might want to have some children copied and some linked, basing it on whether they already happen to be multi-linked seems a little arbitrary, and not necessarily "correct". Maybe there is a better way to indicate that certain children (for instance contacts that are linked to multiple projects) should be linked rather than duplicated when the parent is duplicated. Perhaps it should be an attribute (you could set it in the Template)... for instance, "Contacts" are always linked and "Tasks" are always copied when their parents are duplicated.

In any case, if you do add what Richard is suggesting as an option, I do know that I wouldn't want to preclude the "copy all children" option (the way it works now) or "link all children" option (the new option I suggested in my post above).
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