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You are correct about the current behavior on copy (duplicate). I see the image you posted has been downloaded several times (20+ at this point). Obviously there is some interest in this Ultra Recall functionality.

We designed this feature not really considering the copy method you prefer, how do others think copy should behave? Is the consensus that copy should not duplicate all links but rather maintain them? [I tend to agree that perhaps it should work as you mention; favoring Logical Linking is more aligned with how UR was designed and how we use it internally]

Currently all the keyboard "modifiers": Shift, Alt, Ctrl are being used for to specify other copy/move/link alternatives. Other than providing a system option to specify the default "copy" behavior, I can't think of an easy way to allow Ultra Recall to copy either way... Or maybe the suggested behaviour should simply be how UR operates... Any suggestions on this topic?

You can either post your suggestions to this forum, or email them to
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