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How do you access UR content on the go?

I know this is a new era where mobile computing reigns. If I shutdown the PC I use UR on, it does not mean I should loose access to my data. There are countless scenarios where we have experienced the convenience of being able to access data on a phone or tablet.

In an ideal world, one hopes to have at least a read-only client for a mobile OS or may be a web client. Very unlikely.

For my use case, I must have access to UR data at anytime. So I bought a Surface Pro for its mobility and convenience. For those times when having it was not practical, I rented an AWS workspace Windows instance and I use TeamViewer remote desktop mobile client to access it to work with UR. It works, but leaves me wishing for a native mobile or web client support.

What have others done to access their UR data anytime anywhere?

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