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Smile Found Win7 Workaround

Ok, I've got a workaround to get UltraRecall running on Windows 7!

These instructions are for Windows 7 build 7077; for earlier builds see below.

You'll need to find and install the Ultra Recall Pro 3.5 that has an UltraRecall.exe version of, as shown in "Help > About > Install Info". After installation, right-click the desktop link, select the Compatibility tab and set compatibility mode to "XP Service Pack 3". Ok it. Then launch UE and... it actually works!

The compatibility mode settings don't help out any other UR versions I've tried, only

Now time for the disclaimers:

1) I'm not responsible for any data loss incurred by going back to an earlier version of UE; I don't know of any, but always make backups of your URDs!

2) This is only a temporary workaround until Kinook gives us the real Window 7 compatible version.

3) Admins: if this workaround is "outta line" please feel free to remove it. Thanks.

Hope this helps...

- R

Note 1: Windows 7 7077 seems to be the first build with "XP SP3" in the compat. modes: 7022 doesn't have it. Go MS!

Note 2: To get it to work in Windows 7 build 7022 I had to set compatibility to "Windows Vista" - otherwise UE wouldn't even start up. Vista mode might work for 7077 too...

Note 3: I'm sure fond of lists, ain't I?
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