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Originally posted by zargron
So, upon selection of an item of type Document, Ultra Recall's primary concern is to look at the URL and try to render that object in the Item Text pane. I think, for example, that you need to use an item of type Document to list the files in a .zip file within the Item Text pane. I could be wrong here and will be happily corrected.
Not wanting to nit-pick...

The Item Detail Pane is text (rtf) for all Item Types (see default Templates) except Search and Document, the Item Detail Pane is the embedded browser for Document (data file).

See Tools | Options | Broswer - for the file extensions that will be rendered by the embedded browser, it is here that you can add file extensions (like MS Office extensions) to be rendered.

If you add the .zip extension to this list, the contents of the zipfile will be shown (rendered) in the detail pane (as a file list).

Also see Tools | Options | Documents - I believe that both the MIME viewer and the Image viewer are running as modules (?) of the embedded browser.

Originally posted by Stephen
As a complete aside and off subject, the one aspect I found most confusing with the interface was the Documents template.
The introduction of Forms allows for a nice attribute-header for the detail pane of a Document Item.

From the Templates folder Insert a Document Template, then assign a Form to this new Document template. Then assign this new Document template to be the Default Child Template for a Folder. Now any data files that are sent to this Folder, will derive from the Default Child Template.

If the file extension of these data files are included in Tools | Options | Broswer , or these data files are MIME or Image, they will be rendered below the Form in the Detail Pane.

Unfortunately, at time of Import (Copy-Store, Link, Move, drag-drop), the only way to populate some attributes in the Form is thru use of the Windows File Properties function. (Granted, MIME data will be available if the appropiate atrributes are placed on the Form.)

I've often wondered if there would be user interest/benefit in UR being able to recognize the internal tags that are present in some types of files - image, mp3...
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