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The Document template has URL as it's "primary attribute". As I understand it, the main purpose of the "primary attribute" is to determine what UR try's to displayed in the Item Text pane. So, upon selection of an item of type Document, Ultra Recall's primary concern is to look at the URL and try to render that object in the Item Text pane. I think, for example, that you need to use an item of type Document to list the files in a .zip file within the Item Text pane. I could be wrong here and will be happily corrected.

I think that overall the help file and tutorial documentation with UR is very good. However, there is a bit of a black hole with regards to some key concepts. The sort of information that would confuse the hell out of you when you first read it. But that you would soak up and appreciate the finer points of what it is trying to communicate when you re-read it after using UR for a little while. You never know, maybe I'll have a go at writing something along that lines in the next couple of months...

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