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Question Impressed. A few questions

I'm another user very impressed with the everything-in-one application UR. Before I purchase the Pro version, I do have a few questions:

1) Is the file format locked/proprietary? I realize you'd be interested in protecting your product but as a developer I am often in Linux and I would want to be able to access what's in UR even if I have to write a connector and crude UI myself (in Java for multi platform support).

2) How about integrating mail as a first-class item without the need to manually import these (tedious). A mail inbox has a tendency these days to contain... well everything and it seems like UR could seriously kick @ss if the GTD mindset is supported easier, much like Google is doing with gmail. Is this on the table?

3) Do you have a road map, so curious users can see what's coming to this already excellent application?

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