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Originally posted by hartmut
Could you arrange two explorer panes in or not ?
If you could, tell us how, ...
as was said "once you move (yes, you need to move, not just link) your root of Data Explorer to Search Pane, ..."

Go to your root, Alt+L, then move it to "My Searches", done

Originally posted by hartmut
... or is it only a wish for a future version of UR ?
I guess some people (including me) would find it useful if one could have more that one instance of Data Explorer pane shown at the same time. This is only a hack, and doesnt work well because for some reasons the panes are not refreshed properly, even thought the drag/drop works as expected.

Originally posted by hartmut
Is you picture eventually only a montage ?
it's not, try it, but do it with a new test database ...
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