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Total Commander (Alike) (previously known as Volkov and Windows Commander)

Total commander is my favourite Windows application [after UR ], to manage files and directories in Windows. The two panel is very comfortable to use.

I played a little with UR, and ... two Data Explorers in UR brought to life, enabled easy drag/drop from one pane to another. You can have a special Layout set for this, which is perfect then to manage bigger tree (see screenshot).


- once you move (yes, you need to move, not just link) your root of Data Explorer to Search Pane, you cannot delete it from there (or at least I havent found a way)
- unfortunately, the panes are not being refreshed properly, I dont know why. Maybe it's a bug (if you dont consider moving the whole tree into the Search pane a bug in the first place, haha)

All in all, don't try it, just wanted to share my findings ;-)
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