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import thunderbird mail

To save my e-mails received with thunderbird in Ultrarecall a have the following work-around.
I receive different mails from newsgroups or from German radio stations.
These mails I want to save in Ultrarecall for example cooking recipes in UR-cooking, travelling information sin UR-travelling and so on.
I use TB Autosave extension

1) I created some filters in thunderbird for incoming mail sorting the mail, depending on the sender, in a separate local folder at the same time i label this mail.
For example cooking mails will be moved in a thunderbird folder cooking and receive label "Todo"
travelling mails will be moved in a thunderbird folder travelling and receive label "later"
etc. etc.

2) with TB autosave extension I can automatically save the incoming mails, depending on their label in separate folders in my harddrive. All messages labeled "todo" will be saved in folder "cooking" and all mails labeled "later" will be saved in folder travelling on my harddrive when incoming.

From this folders I can import the mails in the respective UR-file once a week or once a month.

I hope that you will understand my description and it will help to in some cases to automatically save Thunderbird mail for import in UR.
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