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Schedule UR Tasks in Outlook

I wrote an Outlook macro that, with a few keystrokes, lets me schedule my UR Task info items into the Outlook calendar, taking into account priority and duration, scheduling around existing appointments and within specified work times, and adding all UR Item Text to the body of each scheduled task in Outlook. This then allows me to sync to my Palm.

To use it, you Copy Grid Values from the results pane of a search and run the macro in Outlook. For all the details on how to setup and use, read the "URSchedule Read Me.txt" in the attached zip file.

I like to work off of a daily schedule which includes all tasks rather than a to do list, which is why I designed it this way. Figured I would post it here in case anyone else found it useful. Let me know if you run into any bugs (note that this was developed for Outlook XP/2002... not sure how it will work with other versions).

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