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How to export data to ListPro (Palm/Pocket PC app)

ListPro is a third-party shareware application that can be used to view information on a Palm/PocketPC device. The steps below can be used to export Ultra Recall data in a format compatible with ListPro.

In Ultra Recall:
1) choose File | Export on the menu
2) choose 'Item attributes to a delimited (CSV) text file', click Next
3) check the attributes to export (include Indent Level to include hierarchy)
-- uncheck the 'export attribute names as first row checkbox
-- click Next
4) enter a filename to export to, click Finish.

In ListPro:
1) choose Tools | Import Items from File on the menu
2) configure the 'Import in this order' field to match the order exported from Ultra Recall
3) click OK
4) enter or browse to the file exported above
5) click Open
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