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I stopped using Ultra Recall in Dropbox because of the multiple copies. I did change the option mentioned above because I donít "collaborate" with anyone with UR; just me! However Dropbox still seemed to find a reason to add multiple copies so I removed my URDs from Dropbox and I just make sure to back up my URDs frequently.

Oddly the same exact issue exists with Surfulater. Also, I sync a number of directories on my computer to an external drive daily using Super Flexible File Synchronizer (SFFS) and the same problem or multiple copies of my databases occurs with both UR and Surfulater. If I forget to check the SFFS sync folders regularly I find that I have a copy for every day of any URD I used during that period! For example I just checked now and it has been 15 days since I went into the sync folder and manually deleted the extra URD copies. My actual UR directory where my URDs are stored is 305 MB; the synced UR folder is currently 3.06 GB! (That's 15 extra copies of one URD at 189 MB each!) Same deal for Surfulater: Actual Surfulater directory is 1 GB, but the synced folder for Surfulater is 3.49 GB. Similar problems with OneNote 2007. All three of these apps end up with extra copies of their databases in Dropbox, SFFS synced folders, FileHamster, or any program that makes a copy of any changed database. All three are creating their own internal backups.

I won't complain about it because this makes all three programs safer than any others on my box. I just can't keep any of their databases in any program/system/situation that auto-saves copies of their databases. They grow too darned fast! Just have to make sure to save copies regularly.


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