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quant, the Viliv S5 - being from 2009 and not being sold anymore (except second-hand or from obscure sources) has got a lousy processor and a 4,8" (no, this is not my joke, whilst being one indeed) screen, so don't make us believe you'll be happy with it searching your UR database.

"I don't have 80k items in UR, true ... however I have that many or more files on my file system, fully indexed " - you have work to do, no time for crimping, no time for real discussion : I accept that from you, but not from information management system developers since my discussion contributions are core to their business, or should be if they took their business serious, not only from the financial rewards point of view, but also from that other point of view, not only pretending to offer a professional program, but to enhance it up to the point of being priceless, and not by adding various goodies, but by rethinking the architecture - and that's lacking, everywhere (except perhaps for very big corporate things I don't have knowledge of) - even PB is crippleware as they say (and I'm not speaking of the collaborative functions withheld from it).

Everybody who carefully rereads my post, and then rereads your sentence, "I don't have 80k items in UR, true ... however I have that many or more files on my file system, fully indexed " - and who might have a minimum of IQ -, will immediately see that your sentence is PROOF to the utility and necessity of what I've developed here and elsewhere, before, and that my thinking goes in that direction, how to combine those scattered sources, in ways that will be MORE useful than indexing / search only.

Your system of relying on (indexed) searching only, with "important things" being recollected in a separate "one-for-all" database but which for you only serves as sort of a "special collection", is a hybrid system from which you can work, and even big corporations have got, some of them, such systems where there is endless going forth and back between "did we systematize it, or must we rely on search only" - but in their systems, search's enhanced by AI, at least, when within individual pc's, UR databases or askSam databases - and that, about 25 years after the creation of AS -, it is NOT.

So your very own way of handling data PROVES there must be much better systems than those, and it goes without saying that they'd be much more helpful, in avoiding clutter within the results or a "search" / "looking after something", as well in avoiding NOT finding relevant sources / documents / ideas / whatever.

My thinking's purpose is, how to develop a system that INTEGRATES your "select data" and "just searching for everything else", without becoming cumbersome when data's growing. Your 80 / 100 k of external docs show us you've understood, years ago, the limitations of UR (in response time, in organizational efforts, in impenetrability when item count's too big, so you did your own material selection - a very wise decision.

But the problem is, 80 to 100 k documents "indexed", NOT organized. Your private solution shows how worthwile my thinkings are.

BTW, as we all know - since virtual all of us look into both forums -, "JBfrom" in outlinerblablabla's trying so badly to "sell" his integrated system that will never sell to anyone, but have a look into his site where he asks some very good questions indeed (without giving very good answers, well...).

An INTEGRATIVE approach to ALL your data is needed, AND FREE combination of data, but UR's a "virtual advantage" for this, it's too limited for this, as with MS, NO "genuine advantage" here, I'm afraid - your seperating things into TWO different data bodies says I'm right.

quant, you're one of the longtime UR experts : your dividing data into UR data and "all the other stuff" speaks to us in length.

So much for the generally assumed irrelevance of my various discussion contributions here and in those other forums, outl..., myinfo, PB...

On a practical level, please let me say that the headline should be :


But only load "projects", which might consist of one file, several files, many files, of possible different types btw. Some files would automatically be loaded with other files, you'd have "given combinations" from which you then'd cut off unwanted files, and so on (developed in the MI and PB fori)...

Your work output from such a system, your 80-100 k files being available, in various combinations, from such "projects", would be even much better, quant, than I'm absolutely sure it is even today.

quant, your way of organizing your things is to bring some hygiene into your material ; all I'm dreaming of is to make it all much more clean and organized yet.

Again, that zero level from which you have the clear view - "the empty table" but on which lays ALL THAT MATTERS -, in not even 3 months, 2,800 people here were interested in, why them having looked into a 3-pane-outlining idea if they were happy with their organizational state of things with what they've got ?

All I want is doing away with those hybrid, tinker-up systems every one of ours is making up for himself - bringing up even heavy crimping with various file managers in last resort for many people -, and of which yours, quant, is a revealing specimen. I want my info man being a first-rate butler, not asking here, looking there, all that daily fiddling around...

I'm looking out for an integrative, really useful system - and since there isn't any on the market, developers' interest approaching zero, I'll have to organize my things with a superposed zero level management system, thus degrading my outliner (whatever its make) to a second-level service provider.

But then, MS Excel, and other third party applics, and which are as useful as necessary, beyond your outliner anyway : Why not step'em up, to the outliner's level, instead of just doing links to them, IN your outliner ?

All things said, I think outlining is a trap since for a first level of your work - as a first level of your working environment -, it's tremendously useful, for cluster building, "pm", whatever you call it. But then, your actual work is done WITHIN the outliner (for people that use outliners in the first place, that is), and this will automatically mix up your "vision" level and your "administrative" level.

In the same way most people constantly mix up their goals and their targets / objectives, they mix up the zero level of working and its second level, and virtually ALL outliners out there do their best to have this eternalized. And then, 3 k views into a glimpse of a better way of doing things in 3 months just here within the UR crowd.

That's surprising indeed.
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