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sorry, you lost me ... you post so many things in one post, it's very difficult to reply

"your lenovo x61 is a very fine thing, and you've realized the best intermediate solution to data access on the road but it does NOT give instant access everywhere to your data, its handling isn't just simple enough, and there's always the Win starting phase, before anything can be accessed, and not speaking of its NOT being handy 24 hours a day, whilst the iPad, if we like it or abhorr it, IS at your fingertips around the clock."

1. when I'm on the road, i use viliv s5, it's up from standby in 3seconds.
2. I can do more with my viliv s5 and full blown operating system than anyone can do with their ipad toy. i have the same UR db on both systems, with a simple copy from one system to another, i don't need to worry about any security cloud issues.
3. UR is stable, has templates, saved instant searches, plus many more features, it's really just a powerfull frontend to stable database backend, i'm happy with it. i don't need to waste time crimping and testing every new outliner or PIM there is. i have work to do, and UR is helping immensely, it's all i need

"If you've got some 80,000 items like me (and a 1,000 or so new items to be integrated each month), any system putting it all into one big bag isn't a solution - and thus, in any corporate environment, that idea is doomed also -, since your management efforts within that big bag just'll become much too heavy... and helpless, in the end."

I don't have 80k items in UR, true ... however I have that many or more files on my file system, fully indexed ... again it works perfectly fine for me ... whatever i need to find, it's there within seconds ... and if it's something crucial, something i can build/extend and interlink with my information/knowledge and i need access 24/7 to - it goes to UR ... that's it.

nothing is perfect, we have to work with what is available. we have work to do, and we have to deliver, at least i have to . it's very simple really, find tool that's useful for you, and use it.

sorry, i still didn't get your 3 pane outliner in UR ...
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