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With regards to point II above, I must correct an error. In fact, I had read this IW article from Sept 14, 2011

that had led me to believe Win 8 and Win 8 slates would have that big advantage over Apple and the Google's Java system what is it called again, that you could use, within reasonable limits (= UR would be available, whereas Macromedia FreeHand would not, to give an example), your Win applics on your future Win slates ; of course the future of UR and competing programs will depend of such portability of your data from your desktop to the edge of the desk of your customer ; if there isn't such a portability, two-way and without any fuss, inferior progs like Evernote et al. will overtake, which cannot be in our interest.

Just one day later, IW published the "correction" paper (which I missed at that time)

which states that applics for the X86 processors will NOT run on the awaited usual Win 8 slates being run by the for-those-systems usual ARM processor.

Thus, we are to fear :

- Primo the appearance of genuine Win 8 slates, at par with Holy Stevie's offerings, slick, 10 hours' running time on the road, etc. ... but NOT with UR, etc., and hence as useless as the iPad is ; secondo the appearance of some not so genuine Win 8 touch-operated X86-driven keyboardless portable pc's, thick as a telephone directory and weighting 3 times more than the genuine variety, but offering 3 hours' independence from AC/DC... and costing 2 times the price of the real thing - that will be for us, running UR, etc. (There have been such devices mainly from Win Vista on, that for the above-mentioned reasons almost nobody wanted to buy, which farther augmented their prices ; at this moment, you can easily sell heavily used touch-notepads for 4 times the price you bought them for 2 years ago.)

- Primo the lack of interest of developers to go into the necessary doubled programming efforts, hence the disappearance / fall into oblivion of many of today's serious offerings ; secondo the divertion of developers' programming efforts into that necessary transposition / need of totally new programming from scratch on in order to avoid the first alternative ; tertio running with the second alternative and caused by it, both only rudimentary functionality in those new offerings for the ARC platform, and total impoverishment of development resources for the X86 versions of all those surviving programs.

So, future's bleak for Win users, and for once, Holy Stevie's NOT responsible for that desaster, but Win leaders are. They should be whipped 24 hours a day, every remaining day of their life, like the Saudis do with their enemies in their dungeons, but since that unfortunately won't take place, the only viable alternative is :

Accept the necessity that there will now be TWO mandatory operating systems, instead of just one, with acceptance of the above-mentioned side-effects (= no many more functional goodies within the old system variety, and sheer functional bleakness within the new), AND with the decision to go, for that second system, NOT with those Win enemies of us that are responsible for that state of affairs, but with the Google Java system that's "neutral" to our demise.

In all evidence, it was TOO MUCH to ask Win developers to strip off that bloated operating system so that it would have been suitable for just the normal things, on a Win slate, running UR, etc., which would have been perfectly possible had those enemies of us other priorities than just making the max of money for themselves and their shareholders, and all the worse for their loyal customers -

no, it's US now, loyal Win customers, that'll have to strip our expectations to our applications' functionality to the bare minimum instead, for many years ahead.

You know what their spying program (= one of their spying programs ?)'s called :

"Windows Genuine Advantage" - ho, ho, ho.

Thus, I would so much like to exhort to go to Apple, in order to punish the Win people, but alas, and as we all now, Holy Stevie's NOT been that visionary genius the press wants him to be

- "Der Spiegel" 's (= legendary German news magazine being, in the Sixties / Seventies, by far the best in the world, having since long become a lifestyle magazine, to which Vogue Uomo might be preferable after all) cover story after the man's death : "The man who invented the future" - and they do it for free, they don't even have to be bribed for pouring out such mountains of crap -,

but just was the best marketing man alive (while alive), who also decided, in order to maximize fulfillness of his financial interests, to decide AGAINST portability of (even rather basic) Mac progs to the iHype platform.

Again, those questions are crucial for the industry as a whole ; appboys LIKE to be treated that way, and Win users flee to the cloud ; the Win world is, thanks to the grandiose stupidity of its decision-making people, BREAKING APART.

Take over, Oracle.

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