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Before I posted this thread I had tried pasting the PDF's path into the Document, URL field of my context item but, when I clicked on the context item nothing happened (hence this thread) because:
Possible bug in UR 3.2.6. I had UR open in one monitor and UR Help open in the other. the reason the PDF wasn't displayed was that there was a Microsoft Office dialog hidden underneath the Help page saying that ...This feature is not installed. Please insert the CD-ROM... When I X'ed the dialog the PDF appeared Ok in UR. This dialog re-appeared everytime I clicked on the context item during yesterday's session but is not appearing now that I have reloaded UR
I had created my PDF by scanning the page into MS Word via FineReader and saving it as a PDF. I then exited Word before pasting the path into UR. No problem for me - I can avoid Word next time.

Another query; how do I delete user-defined keyword(s)?
I am evaluating UR 3.2.6 and have added some trial keywords which I no longer want.
Or; can I rename them?
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