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Originally posted by StephenUK
As a complete aside and off subject, the one aspect I found most confusing with the interface was the Documents template. I automatically assumed that to create a document I should use it and yet I found I either CREATED items using text, task, folder etc, or IMPORTED items as Word docs, Excel docs and pdf. As such, the documents template made little sense to me.
Plunging ahead with this totally Off-Topic tangent....

After struggling with getting MS Office files into UR as Templates, and with some help from Kinook Support, here's what works for me.

In MS Word create the desired document you want to use as a Template in UR and save it as a .doc. You might want to save it to a specfic folder, just to keep things organized.

In UR see Tools | Options | Broswer - you may need to add .doc to the list of extensions to display in the internal browser.

See also Tools | Options | Documents - you may need to add .doc to the list of extensions to Open Stored Documents Writable. Also, Propmt before Updating should be unchecked (default ?).

See also Tools | Options | Import - Store Contents when Importing, this setting effects everything you send to UR unless you specifically chose to send via Copy (Store), Link, or Move.

Set focus to the UR Template Folder, right-click and Import Files, navigate/select the desired .doc to Import, a Document Type Item will be created which contains the Word document. You now have a Word .doc Template.

This method works if you have Tools | Options | Import - Store Contents when Importing selected. Otherwise, you'll need to right-click drag-drop from Windows Exploer to the UR Template Folder, this will reveal the pop-up menu, choose Copy (Store) for the drag-drop action.

You need to Store the file in UR so that the derived Items are independent from the Template - so that edits to the derived Item are not reflected back in the Template. If you simply Link create the Word file in the Templates Folder, edits to the derived Item will be reflected back to the Template Item.

Something to bear in mind, after editing in the derived template be sure to use the save function provided by the host program in the Detail Pane (in this case Word). If you move focus away from the Detail Pane (before saving) you will be prompted by UR to save your work.

Something that I'm not quite sure of:

Since you are Storing the Imported file in UR (in the Templates Folder) I don't think that you need to retain the file path in the URL Attribute.

On the one hand I can see that this might be useful if you want to update (synchronize) the file template if you make changes to the original source file, but at the same time this URL Atrribute will be present in all derived Items of the Template. If you distribute the database to others you may not want them to synchronize any of the derived Items.

On the other hand, if you delete the URL Atrribute from the Template Item, then later make changes to the original source, then delete the template and re-import, it's going to lead to problems if this template is the Default Child for any Items.

Hope this helps.
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