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Originally posted by ashwken
[snip] The introduction of Forms allows for a nice attribute-header for the detail pane of a Document Item.

From the Templates folder Insert a Document Template, then assign a Form to this new Document template. Then assign this new Document template to be the Default Child Template for a Folder. Now any data files that are sent to this Folder, will derive from the Default Child Template. [/snip]
This is slightly different than the way I use it.

I don't assign it to a particular folder. Any non txt data drops into my document form so it 'lines' up w other items no matter what folder it's stored in.

Maybe I make more use of custom forms. This helps me add standard criteria for GTD or other project oriented work.

What you're suggested has made me think that there may be a better way to organize my items. I'll have to consider the possibilities. So thanks for that.

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