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Originally posted by janrif
IMO, part of it has to do w the User Guide which is complete but not really helpful for a non-technically oriented person (like me, for instance). Altho all the information is there, what it lacks is simple things like:In order to do this task, go to main menu, click x, select y, push <ENTER> key. (See image) etc.
I agree. I've got a pretty strong technical background, so the User Guide was actually a draw card for me embracing UR. I enjoyed having to slow down from my normal rate of reading to carefully digest each new term and concept least I miss out anything important. It takes a lot of time to put together user documentation. For more sales - yes Kinook should perhaps put together a really basic user guide. Deliberately leaving the heavy stuff out. For keeping us lot happy - spend the time on development. What do you do hey...?

Regards the document template - I haven't used it much janrif so I really can't help you. I've derived my own templates from other core templates, but the focus of my UR usage is handled quite nicely without having to employ the document template. When I've got more time to spare or if the need arises then I'll go on a nice little treasure hunt...
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