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Originally posted by StephenUK [snip]
As a complete aside and off subject, the one aspect I found most confusing with the interface was the Documents template. I automatically assumed that to create a document I should use it and yet I found I either CREATED items using text, task, folder etc, or IMPORTED items as Word docs, Excel docs and pdf. As such, the documents template made little sense to me. That is a small matter, but these type of issues do make the program rather inaccessible and in truth it deserves a far wider audience.[/snip] [/B]
StephenUK, going backwards, I agree URp deserves a wider audience. However, I don't know how wide an audience it already has. Having said that, I also agree that the document template is a bit confusing.

IMO, part of it has to do w the User Guide which is complete but not really helpful for a non-technically oriented person (like me, for instance). Altho all the information is there, what it lacks is simple things like:In order to do this task, go to main menu, click x, select y, push <ENTER> key. (See image) etc.

Anyway, it appears to me that most work in URp is done w text, text forms. html, i.e. outside the document template per se but the template has it's uses.

For example, here's one use.

I created a document form with fields that I use for GTD like Action, Category, Priority & some other fields. When I import some document type materials it is saved in the db in this document form so it's more convenient for me to integrate into my task & reminder lists, etc.

While this may sound like I'm clever, I'm not. The genesis came from a question i posted to kinook who responded by suggesting that I create an import document template. I have found this to be quite helpful.

There are probably other uses for document templates but my imagination is limited. I'd love to hear other ideas about how to use the document template.
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