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Sync with ODBC

It would be very useful to be able to sync Ultra Recall to an ODBC database and allow user to map fields. There is an excellent Palm application called DBViewer Plus that allows you to sync any ODBC database to the Palm. Therefore, by giving UR the capability to sync to ODBC, users could also get Palm synchronization using DBViewer.

Kevin's response:

"One option we have considered is writing an ODBC provider for Ultra Recall that would provide access to the data stored in an Info Database via ODBC. This would probably be readonly only access, meaning changes couldn't be pushed back to Ultra Recall this way. Note that this is not trivial to implement and probably will be a few versions out..."

My response:

"Yes, that would be great! If you could access UR via ODBC, then it would work with the DBViewer application I mentioned and that means all your UR data would be viewable on the Palm."
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