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Did you download and reinstall Visual Build Pro since kinook's previous post? As kinook stated, the published version was modified to accomodate your required functionality (the ability to submit a list of files to perforce in any change list) with * changelist syntax.

When you specify * as the changelist for a submit call, then the * will be interpreted as meaning use any change list and Visual Build Pro will submit the appropriate command-line call.

If you specify a list of files and * for changelist, then the opened call won't even take place (because you are specifying the files), and p4 submit will be called without a -c parameter.

If you don't specify a list of files and * from changelist, then the both the opened and submit p4 calls will be called without a -c parameter.

Please ensure you have the latest version installed and test it again. I am confident that you will see the behaviour described above.

I understand this Visual Build Pro syntax is somewhat different that what Perforce uses, this solution was chosen for backwards compatibility reasons (but should perform identically).
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