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Question WinDiff

I'm trying to create a Command task to run windiff and save a report to disk.

I've installed WinDiff to C:\Program Files\WinDiff

Here's the command that I'm using. THis works from the command line, but not from VBP.

C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /C "C:\Program Files\WinDiff\WinDiff.exe" "C:\Disk Images\RADMS_2x\Current" "C:\Disk Images\RADMS_2x\Current\..\Previous" -Slrdx "C:\Code\Visual Build Projects\Master_2x\Diff.txt

The error I'm geting in the output window when testing this step is:

Building project step 'New Step'...

Process completed with exit code 1
Step 'New Step' failed
Build ended.

Does anyone have any hints on what I'm doing wrong?

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