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Adding a new research pane

Hi ...

In my experience, I go through a common research experience where, at any given time, I need to see my content outline (tree), the content editor, and the research references, ALL at the same time, side-by-side.

This workflow, I believe, is essential to any research. Your look at he outline seeing the big picture (table of contents) allowing you to jump anywhere in the research paper, have direct access to editor to update content, and at the same time being able to review a reference research doc (pdf, web page) and decide where it belongs on a idea by idea basis.

This work flow is supported by MS Word online under the feature of 'reuse document'. This feature allows to, literally, open a document side by side to your main research paper and click a '+' sign to add a paragraph from one doc to another. Very neat.

Scrievner, also allows you spilt the screen to display all three panes at the same time.

Is there a way to add a new research pane to UR ...

1. I can click on an info item and select 'open in research pane'
2. Pin the content of the research pane so it does not change as I navigate the tree.
3. If research pane is displayed on its own, it can stay blank till I perform step 1.
4. Even better, I can select a any word or phrase in text editor and choose 'search google in research pane' and be able to navigate google a search in this pane using google's mobile search page.

Screenshot shows how scrievner implemented this feature.

Interested in hearing from other users as well.

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