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hi Kinook

thanks for the clarification. This is definitely a problem with one or more of my databases. All kinds of weird things happening when I try to carry out a split in them. Template folder vanishing. Compact and repair brings it back but now icons for templates have disappeared. Items turning read-only. And so forth.

When I create a new database and try splitting an item in that, it works fine.

From a documentation point of view, I would suggest something in the Item > Split entry that directs the user to the Import tab in Options. I understand how this function operates across the gamut of join/split/import, but I don't really associate splitting an item with importing, so I puzzled over this more than I needed to.

With the databases that seem to have become corrupted, I will copy and paste items from them into brand-new databases. I assume that would be a fresh start for them and shouldn't carry over any of their problems?


David F.
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