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I'll still be using Ultra Recall until such time as it cannot be used anymore - unsupported OS or something.

I do use a couple of other PIM-type applications (specifically Evernote 3 and InfoQube/SQLNotes), but each has its own purpose for what I do. UR-P does some things that I cannot seem to do with others, so it stays in my PIM "arsenal", at least for now.

Evernote 3, with its online availability, is great for notes and even PDF files that I want to be instantly available from anywhere - and that is not security-sensitive. (I donít trust most online apps with anything that I absolutely donít want others to see).

IQ is great for some things: I am using it for outline/tabular data. But it cannot accept files dragged or imported into it, and it doesnít seem to have links available that stay as tight as UR's do.

As long as UR has features that I cannot replicate elsewhere, it will remain on my computer.

Bad part, other than the fact that future development is in serious doubt, is that there will probably not be a lot of posting here in the forums. To be honest, this isn't a very active forum to begin with; as the users here migrate to other applications I imagine that posting will become even more sparse. That hurts me because forum posts are one of the better UR learning tools for me.