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Nowhere Else to Go

After reading all the forum posts regarding Kinook's recent and sudden decision to (apparently) suspend UR development, for reasons unspecified and (hopefully) for the time being, over the weekend and out of curiosity I examined virturally all of UR's competitors (WhizFolders, The Brain, Zoot, Infoqube, KnowledgeWorkshop [not bad], etc.), and came to the conclusion that I will stick with UR to the bitter end, so to speak.

It's a fine program that does what I need, though it would have been nice to see future upgrades with these tweaks, among others --

1) global searching across databases, and
2) highlighting of search hits --

UR has the potential to be, as several people have mentioned on this forum, a killer application. I'm sure Kinook's abrupt decision has to do with the crumbling economy, but one can only wonder in astonishment that companies that deserve to collapse are being bailed out right and left, while many good companies such as Kinook are being left out in the cold, so to speak.