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You can copy and paste XML step text into the step grid (not the step properties dialog) and it will create a new step with all the properties initialized.

There is currently a bug in that failure steps are not built when a failure occurs within a step's script event. As a workaround, you could instead place the script code a Run Script step following the cabarc step:

<step action='Run Script' type='0'>
<Script><![CDATA[' look for the string ' failed' in the cabarc output and fail the build if found
If InStr(Application.Macros(vbldMacroSystem)("LASTSTE P_OUTPUT"), " failed") <> 0 Then _
Err.Raise 1, Step.Name, "cabarc utility failed"
<indent type='3'>1</indent>
<name>test failure</name>
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