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Send Mail: Version 8.0 behavior change?


I recently purchased a VBP version 8.0 license. I used to be using 7.7a for my builds. I have e-mail notifications for success and failure. We use an SMTP server to send our mail (no authentication). Without changing anything in the VBP project file, the build fails to send e-mail messages to this server while running under version 8.0. These steps had previously run and continue to do so under 7.7a. I tweaked my send mail step and got it to pass by removing all text in the "From" field. Previously it was simply "Visual Build" with no Quotes which worked under 7.7a. I can not find any mention of changes to this step in the version history so here I am. I would like to keep the "From" information. Otherwise the message appears to be from no one and resembles spam.

I have attached some relevant info. Some of the info was omitted due to it containing internal company information. I do not believe it will effect any debugging. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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