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Lightbulb Surround SCM - How to use MKBRANCH

How to use mkbranch in Surround SCM Action?

- Syntax -
sscm mkbranch Branch Repo [-bParentBranch] [-ccComment|-cpCommentPath|-c-] [-h] [-lLabel] [-sworkspace|-sbaseline|-ssnapshot] [-tTimeStamp] [-i|-i-] [-yUsername:Password] [-zSCMServerAddr:PortNum] [+u]

- Surround SCM Tab -
Server: your SSCM server name
Port: your SSCM server port
Username: your SSCM username (who has the right to create new branch ;o)
Password: its password
Command: 'mkbranch'
Repository: keep empty
Items and/or files to process...: the name of your new branch
Directory for local files: keep empty
Label: keep empty

- Flags Tab -
Version: keep empty
Branch: the name of the parent branch of your new branch
Recursively...: keep unchecked
Quiet mode: keep unchecked
Make local files...: keep unchecked
Force file retrieval...: keep unchecked
Comments: the comment you want to add

- Options Tab -
Handling of...: 'Skip
Set date/time...: 'Current'
Additional command-line...: the path of the repository you want to branch (could be good to add quotes) + space + -sbaseline (if for example you want to create a new baseline branch)
Automatically locate...: keep checked
Show command-line...: keep checked

- Command-line resulting -
C:\Program Files\Seapine\Surround SCM\sscm.exe mkbranch MyNewBranch "MyRepositoryRoot\MySoftware" -sbaseline -zMySSCMServer:4900 -yMyUser:MyPWD -bMyParentBranch "-ccMyComment"
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