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Version 1.2

Released on February 2, 2005

New Features & Enhancements
  • Add 'Paste Text' context menu and shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+V) to Rich Text editor pane.
  • Make Find in Item menu item / shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+F) global and default the search value in the Rich Text editor's Find dialog to the last Quick Search value.
  • Fully support matches/does not match wildcard and contains/does not contain keywords searches on Parent Title attribute.
  • Remember the last selected options on the Compact and Repair, Import, and Export dialogs.
  • Show docking pane drag context and docking stickers when rearranging dockable panes.
  • Include leading @ character for auto-generated keywords.
  • Support Ctrl+click in Rich Editor panes to launch URLs in external browser (Shift+click is used for selecting text).

    Bug Fixes
  • Import: 1) Fix for errors uncompressing stored documents that could occur in rare circumstances; 2) Stylesheets for some pages not retrieved when importing and storing contents; 3) Moving .url file into UR stored wrong URL attribute; 4) Ignore 'Tools | Options | Import | Insert imported items at bold item in Data Explorer pane' user option when importing from command-line and specifying /item flag.
  • Detect error accessing database located on network share (i.e., after laptop is resumed from hibernate/standby mode or network connection is lost and restored) and retry database connection.
  • Search: 1) (Item) is not type of advanced search matched items that it shouldn't have; 2) Less than and less than or equal comparisons on numeric values not working properly; 3) Made Template Item and Compressed Size attributes searchable (Template Item is also available via (Item) is/is not searches); 4) Some date searches were off by one day; 5) Improvements to handling of conversion from Quick Search to Advanced Search and vice versa.
  • Calendar dialog: 1) Always default to today when displaying; 2) Alt+C activates calendar if already displayed but did not have focus.
  • When 'Tools | Options | Trees | Single-click to expand an item' was checked, when clicking an item's +/- button to collapse it, and a child of the collapsed item was selected, the collapsed item was immediately re-expanded.
  • Going back while a non-item web page was loading in the internal browser went back two items/pages instead of one.
  • Fix to enable the Item | Show Explorer Menu menu item and shortcut (Ctrl+E) when appropriate.
  • Export: 1) Ensure root export folder exists; 2) Prevent creation of folders ending in space for linked web items containing period (.) in title (Explorer can't delete); 3) Use unique filenames for chid items having same title.
  • Don't reuse temporary file for externally edited stored document after permanent delete or sync of original document.
  • Permanently deleting unsaved search or rich text item gave foreign key violation error.
  • Help button was not functional on some Import wizard and Options pages.
  • Basic repair was resetting the rich text for system items whose values had been blanked out.
  • Fixes for some obscure issues with cross-database copy.
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