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vs2005 sln configuration


At VS2003 I had a loop in my Visual Builder script hat compiled all my .net projects with the config set to "Release".

Now I have upgraded to VS2005 and I'm having problems since there is not longer just a "Release" configuration, it is now a mixture of the configuration and the platform ("Any CPU", "Mixed Platforms", "Win32"...I believe these were not there at VS2003 since the platform was always "DotNet").

Maybe I could use in Visual Builder a configuration set to "Release.*"...I'm just not sure what comes out using this option. I'm assuming that, if the sln is set to create all 3 types, 3 diff release dlls would be created but if this is the case they all end up in the Release I really only get one...and how can I tell which type it is?

So my main question is how can I create a generic loop to compile all my solutions?

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