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Lost Data

Greetings. I am using Windows XP, and a trial version of Ultra Recall 1.4b. I am currently testing the program before I buy it, and up to this morning I was very impressed. One of the reasons I have abandoned AskSam 6.0 is that it occasionally lost data, and what good is a database that loses stored data! Well, this morning this is what seems to have happened with Ultra Recall -- lost data.

I have several text notes (from the Template's "Text") where I entered some data after WORD 2003 was opened. In the Ultra Recall Options I have these file extensions indicated:


Last night these texts opened without any problem, and this morning they apparently still contain the text (as can be seen regarding the keywords indicated in the system tray). When I put the mouse inside the Item Details window, nothing can be typed (and the mouse stays centered in the middle), and as I said, unlike last night, WORD 2003 does not open any longer in this particular notes. Could you please explain why the data is not appearing, and / or why WORD doesn't open in these notes? If I create a new text (using the same template), everything is OK (WORD opens and the text can be entered).
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