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There are two possible rich edit installation options:

1) Rich edit control with table support. If this option is checked, UR installs riched20.dll v5.50.99.2050 into the UR installation path (but it will not overwrite a newer version that already exists there). If you do not want to use this version, uncheck this option.

2) Office rich edit control. The installer looks for a rich edit control installed by Microsoft Office under the MS Shared Tools folder, and offers this option if found, and if checked, it copies the highest version found to the UR installation path. The installer must not be finding a DLL to install since the option is not offered in your case.

When UR runs, it attempts to load riched20.dll from the UR installation path and uses it if that succeeds. If that fails (file does not exist, bad file, wrong bitness, etc.), UR loads the riched20.dll from the SYSTEM32 folder (and shows it in Help | About).

I would recommend unchecking all rich edit installation options and manually install the desired riched20.dll (and any dependencies) to the UR installation path. Again, see

for more details.
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