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Post Re: Re: Search in CHM files

Originally posted by armsys
Hi Hartmut,
1. What do you mean by "imported a CHM file"?
2. How do you import the CHM file?
3. If it's imported into UR, it should be searchable.
I imported it like other files, the acess to the chm in the external viewer is very fast.
But UR does not search in the CHM file.

Originally posted by $bill
Hi Hartmut, I used a free converter to convert the CHM file to a pdf. The professional version of UR will keyword pdf files. I'm sorry but I cannot remember the details of how I did this.

A compiled HTML file (.CHM) is not listed as a file that UR will parse for keywords.
I tried several CHM-Pdf Converter and did not succeed the pdf is corrupted.
Well, sometimes I downlaod small web-sites and want to include them in an UR-file. I do this with Office Explorer. UR cannot import the folder bewaring teh structure and the internal linking in the webside. tehrefor I export from the Office Explorer download as CHM or MHT. I think I have to choose MHT, which can to be imported and is searchable, but the access is not so fast, and the MHT cannot by search over the whole file, as you can do in CHM viewer.

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