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Visual Build Pro 6.0 Released

This release is a major update, including
  • A revamped user interface with fully customizable docking panes, menus, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts
  • Unlimited undo/redo when editing projects
  • Instant navigation to build errors and browser-style navigation
  • A code completing script editor supporting JScript, PerlScript, Python, RubyScript, and VBScript
  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio Team System, IBM Rational ClearCase, and Borland Developer Studio 2006
  • Incremental copy and folder synchronization to and from FTP servers
  • Dozens of new and updated actions
  • Much more

    See for more details.

    This is a free update for all direct, non-upgrade purchases since August 11, 2005, and upgrade pricing is available for other customers (see for details). It can be downloaded from and purchased at
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