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Setting Version for WebService Assemblies

Summary: Is it possible to set the version number on assemblies for a VS.Net 2005 (RTM) web service built using Visual Build Pro 5.7?

Details: We have some sub projects that are included within a regular VS.Net 2005 application and also as part of a VS.Net 2005 Web service. When I compile the application all of the sub projects assemblies get the version number that I set on the "Version" tab in Visual Build Pro 5.7. However when I compile the web service none of the assemblies pick up the version number set from Visual Build Pro 5.7. Instead they just have the values from the assemblyinfo.cs file in the project.

Then in the Visual Build Pro 5.7 help file I found a section called "Make VS.NET Action Versions Tab" and noticed it says "The Set and Increment version capabilities are not supported and will be ignored for Visual Studio 2005 web projects." So I guess that's what I'm running into. Is there anyway to make Visual Build Pro 5.7 set the version number on assemblies in a VS.Net 2005 project? Will Visual Build Pro 6.0 do this? Is there any solution for this?
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