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How to Demos

The demos should focus on separate, specific UR features or topics, say, "All About Attributes." (Even this topic would have to be subdivided, considering the multitude of confusing options and tweaks available.)

The demos should NOT be made by UR programmer(s). Take a look at the UR "help" file and you'll see why (it might as well be written in C++).

The demos should be step-by-step in easy English: e.g., if you want to do ..., do this: first click on ..., then click on ..., and finally click on ... Keep everything simple, clear, and succinct. Most demos (e.g., Google's) go too fast, assume too much, include too much, try to be too clever or cool,...

Thus, the demos don't have to be fancy or flashy (e.g., the UR Introduction demo is nicely done, but superficial at best; no help whatsoever regarding the most useful or powerful features of UR).

How many times have you had to dig around the forums trying to figure out something that could have easily been addressed in a simple demo? How many times have you stumbled across some useful feature or tip in the forums that could have easily been explained in a simple demo?

Kinook deserves great praise for developing a fantastic product (even though for most of us its most powerful features remain undiscovered or unused), but so far it doesn't deserve any kudos for marketing savvy.
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