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Exclamation Report after some testing made...

Thanks, I'm just testing "intelligent building" with VBGs. And I found one situation which is not very nice:

I got one "Standard EXE" project (frmMain form inside) and one "ActiveX Control" project (MyTestControl inside); projects are also organized in a group (VBG). The second project is compiled and MyTestControl is placed on frmMain in the first project. After that I open the "ActiveX Control" project, forcedly change "Binary compatibility" to "No compatibility" and recompile it. Of course this rezults in a component with different GUID, and so my "Standard EXE" project can't open anymore - an error occurs: "Component '***.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid".

I thought that when in such situation I perform "Make VB6" action for the VBG-file, your program will notice the GUID problem and will update "Standard EXE" project (VBP- and FRM-files) and then recompile it. But nothing happened! Is this the expected behavior of your program?

PS: I'm using workaround suggested by You in If in both "Make VB6" actions I set "Force a build of all projects", building of EXE-project fails with error «'D:\...\***.ocx' could not be loaded». So, as far as I understand, your program treats DLLs and OCXs in different manner: in case of DLL compatibility problems your program solves these problems easily, and I can't say the same regarding OCXs.

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