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Unhappy Well, it's not as simple as it seemed to me first...

Well, it's not as simple as it seemed to me first.

Imagine I got a VBP-project (Standard EXE) with references to 10 self-made COM-components. The source code of these components is often updated by the developers, so to make building of the EXE-project more intelligent, I followed your advice (given in another forum thread) and created group of projects (VBG), with totally 11 projects inside (10 of them - ActiveX DLLs or controls, and 1 - main EXE-project set as "start-up"). Now imagine, that only one of the ten components failed to be built (because of missing binary, for example). As far as I understand, this will rezult in the following (if using your workaround suggested above): ALL components being built at the next step will be set to "No compatibility" before building, although it would be enough to do that only for one component (for the one being the source of the problem). I think it's not very good. Of course, if the build failure occurs at the 10th (last) component (when 9 are already built successfully), then the next step will change compatibility type only for the "problematic" component. But if failure occurs at component number N, then (10 - N) other components will be set (at the next step) to "No compatibility" before building!

Can you give any recommendations?
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